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UrbanHello is the new signature of a range of smart products. UrbanHello re-creates the everyday objects that surround us by bringing them back to their very nature and designing them to fulfill their essential purpose.
At UrbanHello, we believe day to day objects must have a single purpose, and any purpose can be enhanced by essential ergonomics and a meaningful design. The phone at home is one of these objects that was a central part of each household in the past. When the phone was corded, it was a gathering place for everyone in the family. Everyone used it to call anyone outside. This place of communication was shared by the whole family. When mobile phones appeared, the use of the phone became personal. Each member of the household got his own smartphone, with his personal phonebook, services and applications. That's why we thought we needed to re-invent the phone at home around its central function of communication: The Home Phone was born.

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