From 6 to 10 years old

Alarm Clock and Bluetooth Speaker

Why choose REMI ?

Bluetooth Speaker

When your child grows up, REMI adapts as well. In addition its main function as an alarm clock, it becomes your child's first Bluetooth speaker. Let them choose their favorite songs in mp3 format and let the music play!

Play your child's favorite music in mp3 format, to put them to sleep, to entertain them, or to help them wake up. Enjoy the offers of our partners soon and let your children discover new stories!

REMI connects to your iOS or Android smartphone via Bluetooth. Play the songs of your choice directly on the app!

Thanks to its alarm function, let your child use the application so that they can learn how to manage their sleep time on their own!

All the features are at your fingertips

REMI also allows you to track the number of your child's sleep hours night after night: good sleep is important !

And what about the waves?

You can turn off the Wi-Fi at any time, without stopping any of its features! With REMI, you can limit the impact of waves to the maximum

Is REMI easy to install ?

The installation of REMI is simple and is done in about ten minutes! Just follow the instructions on the "Support" page.

Other Features


Sleep Trainer

Create regular bedtime routine with REMI.


Sleep Tracker

Record your child's sleep patterns.


Night Light

Provide ideal conditions for your baby to get a good night's sleep !


Bluetooth Connectivity

REMI also works as a Bluetooth speaker for playing music.


Walkie Talkie

Listen to your baby wherever you are, even if it's the other side of the world !


Music Player

Play your child's favorite lullabies and music.


Dani's story !

My 14 year old autistic son has a low concept of time, and for a couple weeks his sleep schedule was all off. He was awake ALL NIGHT and was sleeping ALL DAY at school, out cold. After ruling out that anything was wrong with him health wise, I knew I needed something to help get him back on track. I typed in children’s sleep tracker and this is what I found, before this clock I was barely getting any sleep,’just trying to keep my eyes open after a long day to make sure my son was ACTUALLY sleeping after lights out. I went on a limb and ordered this clock, I thought the face on it would be a great visual cue for him to know when the appropriate time is to be awake or asleep... that feature works wonderfully for him! He starts his bedtime routine without any prompting from me once the face turns to sleepy face! If he wakes the app will ping me so I have the chance to redirect him. It’s great to check the data in the app to see if he had any patterns of when he wakes up, I can listen in using the baby monitor feature to make sure he didn’t turn his tv on during the night. If he wakes up before the clock is awake he will stay in bed until the appropriate time. This cute little clock has been a wonderful tool for us! I honestly feel like it could be completely remarketed toward the autism community. I did have to connect the REMI to my computer to install an update in order to connect via Bluetooth. Since I did that I’ve had no other connection issues with this device.

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