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How to Choose your Baby Monitor:

The baby monitor is a perfect gift at birth. But how do you make sure to choose a good one? In store, as well as online, it is difficult to choose a baby monitor at a first glance because there are hundreds of models now. Here are some answers.

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Traditional Baby Monitors

Traditional baby monitors consist of a transmitter that is placed in the nursery and a receiver that you can put anywhere you want. But if these classic models remain a safe bet, they are now seriously challenged by very sophisticated high-tech baby monitors!

  • Easy to use
  • Competitive price
  • A safe bet
  • Lack of features
  • Audible alert only
  • Limited distance
  • The baby monitor must always be next to you
  • You can find a simple baby monitor for a price ranging between €30 and €60

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Video Baby Monitor

Many baby monitors now offer the video feature. The quality of the image is generally acceptable and helps reassure the most anxious parents about the safety of their little one!

  • Video feature (obviously)
  • Allows you to calm your baby even when you are far
  • Safer than audio baby monitors
  • Video baby monitors tend to send a lot of waves!
  • The price is higher than conventional baby phones
  • You can find a good video baby monitor for €60 to €130

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High Tech Baby phone

For their part, high-tech baby phones integrate multiple features. They can especially serve as a night light making it easy for your child to sleep. Similarly, these baby phones can integrate a walkie talkie that enables you to reassure them from a distance, or a thermometer to precisely control the temperature of his room.

  • Many features
  • Track baby's progress
  • Smartphone notifications
  • Unlimited distance
  • There is a multitude of connected baby monitors
  • The price may be very high
  • Multifunctional baby monitors start at €90 and can go up to more than €200!
  • REMI allows you to monitor your baby's nights in peace! You only need one REMI in your baby's room and you can listen to them and talk to them directly from your smartphone !

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Sound and Movement Baby monitor

Other baby monitors associate the audio or video feature with a motion detector mat. Placed under the mattress of your baby, you are notified as soon as the mattress detects no movement for more than 20 seconds

  • The information (temperature, movement) is more precise
  • Maximum security combining the three channels: audio, video and movement
  • The price is high
  • Difficult to use for families who often travel
  • Limited autonomy
  • The price of a video and movement baby monitor is generally between €110 and €250

Our advice to choose your babyphone :

  • Choose low frequency models for the waves
  • Choose models with VOX technology (only activates when baby is crying)
  • Hold your baby monitor more than 1 meter from your baby
  • Also be sure to turn on the base only if the receiver is turned on. Because their brain, very receptive, is developing at great speed

Discover REMI !

Sleep Trainer

Create regular bedtime routine with REMI.

Sleep tracker

Record your child's sleep patterns.

Night Light

Provide ideal conditions for your baby to get a good night's sleep!

Bluetooth Connectivity

REMI also works as a Bluetooth speaker for playing music.

Walkie Talkie

Listen to your baby wherever you are, even if it's the other side of the world !

Music Player

Play your child's favorite lullabies and music.

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